Writing a Short Story

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Writing a Short Story

Are you looking for a beginner to intermediate step-by-step writing course geared toward publication?

You will write a character-driven story while learning the fundamentals of a short story and honing your writing skills. This is your roadmap to Writing a Short Story.

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Are you—the aspiring author—looking for validation as a writer through publication?

How do
you get published if you’ve never been published?

Writing a novel takes time, skill, and patience. Each chapter of a novel is a short story in itself. Many aspiring authors dream of making it big with a bestseller but fall short of the finish line when they trip on the fundamentals of writing or get caught in the funnel of cycling revisions only to end up frustrated and right back where they started.

Writing a short story is a great way to hone your writing skills with the potential to earn income while you’re waiting to become that bestseller.

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“Some people need to learn the art of writing, creatively. My case is the 80/20 rule. A combination of practice (20%) and the discipline to do so (80%). Sharon gave direction and off we went, writing, as a group, (online), for a timed period over a lunch hour. Bam! The wake-up call happened and now I envision the story; framing the tale, identifying the process. The skin in the game is my time and dedication to the process. Sharon taught the old dog a few new tricks while igniting some old ones. Looking forward to many more opportunities to meet with her and the group.” –Jeanmarie T.

Most new authors think the easiest way to break into
the publishing world is with a picture book.

They couldn’t be more wrong!

Picture books follow a unique set of industry standards, and the author must consider the partnership with an illustrator.

A better way to break into the publishing world is with a short story because it is just that—a short story. It does not involve the complexities of a longer work of fiction, and since most short stories average between 1,500 to 30,000 words, a short story can be written in a shorter span of time.

Short stories are an excellent way to foster good writing skills.

Short stories follow the same rules of a longer work of fiction without the complexities of multiple characters and plot lines. First, master the art of writing. Then take those skills with you to future writing projects.

Learn to write like a seasoned writer.

I have developed a step-by-step process to set you up for success.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing—or if this is your first attempt to meld the pen with paper.


Writing within the short story’s limited framework of word counts forces you to find the best word that says it all. Tight writing means losing the gaffe and flowery language and becoming an economist with words. 


When you learn the skills to say what you mean and find the courage to let go of the rest—you will write like a professional instead of a novice!

A Look Inside Writing a Short Story
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Module 1

Introducing a short story
& why you should write one
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Module 2

Understanding the 2-part process of writing & how to benefit from it
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Module 3

Jumpstart your imagination
& never fear the rough draft again
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Module 4

How good writing habits set your manuscript up for success

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Module 5

The story arc & the impact
it will have on your story
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Module 6

Common writing mistakes
& how to avoid them
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Module 7

Editing support and tools that fit your needs & even a small budget
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Module 8

How to match the best-fit market with a compelling cover letter

Have you thought about writing, but the thought of writing a novel is positively overwhelming?

Writing can be a stressful process, whether you’re writing a summary for the office, describing your business services, or penning the next bestseller.

Let go of the stressful approach to writing.

Allow yourself the emotional space to learn your craft. Allow yourself the time required to pace yourself through the process.

Are you afraid to make a mistake?

Not worthy to stand out in a crowd—or to be successful. Not worthy to stand in all that you are and deserve to be.

It took years and years of trial and error to get to where I am today. 

You don’t need to suffer through the writing journey like I did because I’ve designed a course just for you! I’ve covered everything you’ll need—and I’ve based it on my experience and expertise.

And I am here to rejoice in your writing successes. 

You deserve every opportunity life has to offer—and if your dreams involve writing—I am here to help!

Sharon CassanoLochman

Sharon CassanoLochman |
Author Coach, Best-selling Author, Certified Publisher

Let me show you...not tell.

I will walk through each step of the process with you—and many times, I am writing alongside you! 

Draw from my energy. 

Lean on my expertise. 

I understand and appreciate the fears you may face. Self-inflicted doubt and self-sabotage can turn hours into decades, and the best writing intentions remain stagnant or unrealized for what may seem like a lifetime.

Take the first step of the writing journey. Let the words go. Set your story free. Feel the magnificence of the pen put to paper.

Sometimes it is the fear of being less than perfect that restricts the pen’s flow. You linger over the logistics of writing and forget that you must also learn the actual art of writing.

But oh, there’s another glitch. Perhaps you’re snagged on dialogue tags, plot twists, how and when to end a story, and how to get published.

I can help.
Sharon CassanoLochman, Author Coach


Afraid to make a mistake?

I’ve been there. My first feeble writing attempts are almost laughable. I’m amazed when thinking back to those green writing days and how much time I wasted trying to find a unique dialogue tag or tongue-twisting description—and I mean amazed in a not so good way. Maybe you’ve experienced those moments as well. 

But let’s be honest. 

Let’s get real.

You should never be afraid to make a mistake.

There’s honor in trying. 

After all, mistakes are part of the process. It is how you learn—and I’m here to keep you on track.

How would it feel to see your name in print?

Just imagine for a moment how it would feel to see your name in print. Who would you call? What would you do?


Dreams are to be realized.

My mission is to inspire, teach, and lead you—the aspiring author—through the fundamentals of the writing, submission, and publishing process of a short story. I am the only personalized writing consultant offering a holistic approach to writing.

I give you my blessings to join the next generation of storytellers.


As a published author, you will:


* Confidently step into who you are meant to be


* See your name in print


* Build credibility and an audience


* Earn income


* Enhance your writing skills

Get Better Results Now & Optimize Your Writing

When I started writing, I knew something was not quite right. Rejection notices filled my mailbox, and I was at an emotional low. How could I improve my writing skills if I didn’t know what I was doing wrong—and more importantly—what I was doing right!

I am here to increase your odds of grabbing hold of the brass ring—a publishing contract.

That’s why I have designed this course so you can do it on your own—and you have the option for my professional input for four private 45-minute calls. 

That’s four times you can have professional feedback. 

My eyes on your manuscript. 

You’ll have professional feedback for what needs to be tweaked—and feedback on what you’re doing right!

You will have the foundation for future successes.

Where and when you decide to utilize this option is up to you!

Perhaps it might be three visits with a rough draft and then the final submission. It could be in the writing or revision process.

You decide when it works for you and where you would like help.

Note: You’ll have one year to schedule your appointments.

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“I took Sharon CassanoLochman's Creative Writing Webinar and was impressed. She led us through a wonderful creative writing exercise to help us get in contact with our inner voice and writing style. I found it to be very reassuring and helpful in building up my confidence as a writer. Her teaching style is warm, open and non-judgmental. Best of all, she makes it playful and fun. Sharon is a great writer with lots of experience in honing your craft and finding your voice as a writer. I highly recommend her. Thank you Sharon!” –Janice B.

Let us work together so that you have the skills and confidence to release your short story to the world.


How will that look in your life—to see your name in print? 

The first time I received a publishing contract, I fell to my knees and gave thanks to God. I had faced the mailbox stuffed with rejection notices so many times, and worse, no notices at all. 

So when the first contract came, I cried. For me, it was a reminder that I was on the right path. 

What's your why? 

To touch millions of people through your words? Is it for fame? Is it for future generations of storytellers yet to come?

Sharon CassanoLochman - Author Coach

Get all my secrets now!

I’m giving you all I’ve got—all my secrets and strategies.

I am here to support your writing dreams and goals. I don’t hold anything back. Everything I know and have learned is my gift to you—to save you the time and money that I spent to learn the craft of writing, revising, and submitting to the short story market.

I’m here to answer your questions. I’m giving you my writing secrets and strategies through a step-by-step program that encourages you—the aspiring author—to become a writer.

Earning while learning.

Some publishers pay up to $500 for short stories. Imagine that!  You could add $6,000 to your annual income—or more! 

You will be earning while learning—and you will have unlimited potential. 

I give you permission to be the author who imagined starry nights in places not yet traveled…


The world needs your talents. The world needs to hear your voice—the voice of a writer. The world needs messages woven through plots and characters.


What faraway places does your pen flow?


Do you have characters and exciting stories to be told? Do you have a short story in you that will cause a reader to stop and reflect—perhaps for decades?


Write for writing's sake.


You have options



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  • Step-by-step roadmap to take you through the writing, revising, and submitting process
  • 24/7 online access
  • 8 Modules with over 30 user-friendly lessons
  • Additional support documents to help you along the way
  • 4 - 45-minute personalized coaching sessions to help you go further faster
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Simply stated, short stories are fun. 

There’s something psychologically satisfying about writing a short story. Sometimes they’re written in an afternoon and require a lot less time to edit than a longer work of fiction. 

Short stories allow you to tap into your creative juices and write an outlandish story with ba-zing!  

Have fun. 

Get out of your own way—and create a mini-masterpiece. 

Short stories can deliver a powerful message. They’re easy to share—because they’re short!

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