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The Sharon CassanoLochman
Method to Writing Success

Wanting and doing are not always the same thing.

I wish I had a mirror that reflected back in time, so you could see the parallels between my writing journey and yours. I’ve shared in your dreams, frustrations, insecurities, setbacks, and goals. I’ve shared your writer’s block, questions, and concerns about what to do next, how to find a reading partner, and how to join a writing group. I’ve experienced all the highs and lows associated with writing.


I have invested the time and money, so you don’t have to! 

Where I hope our paths diverge is in the time and money it cost to get where I am today. I am a multiple award-winning, #1 best-selling author with a certified publishing company. I was not an overnight success. In fact, my story is riddled with countless hours second-guessing every step along my journey. I have gone from A-Z, spent tens-of-thousands of dollars on retreats, writing programs, publishing options, and marketing trends.

The beginning, the middle, and the end.

The end result of my challenging writing journey is the development of a three-step method toward publication. It is the Sharon CassanoLochman Method to Writing Success. Just like a story, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end to all writing projects. 

My mission—my vision—my belief is that writing is a stair-step process best learned through writing.
Sharon CassanoLochman | Writer Coach

Anyone can hit the publish button.

Sharon CassanoLochman | Writer Coach

Never in our history has it been easier to publish.

The unfortunate fact associated with the ease of publishing is that far too many books are published before they’re ready! Aspiring authors are either unaware that their book is not ready, or they lack the connections or insight to proper publishing practices and industry standards.  

I believe that most authors want to publish a book of quality, and if they knew what was wrong with their book they would fix it.

You can’t fix what you don’t know.

If you’ve found me, it is because you have already felt the writing nudge—the magnetic pull of the pen to the paper—and you’re searching for the answer to the how of writing.   

How would it feel if you could say that you are a writer?

How would that change your life?

I will always remember the day when I was able to say with confidence that I was a writer. It was no longer a yearning or a burning desire. I was a writer. Maybe that’s who you are as well.   

What would your life look like if you included writing into your schedule? I know how satisfying it can be. I want you to know for yourself how it feels to finish a story that’s stalked your writing dreams for possibly decades!

How would it feel to transform your life from wanting to write to simply writing

What’s standing between you and your writing goals? Are you afraid to write? Are you unsure of where to start? Authentic writing is not a term paper. It does not flow from outlined material or sound like a dictionary. Authentic writing doesn’t sound like a mechanical voice or something from someone else’s book.

Authentic writing evolves from a union of the heart and head.

Write from your heart and edit with your head.

My program is designed for aspiring authors with limited time or resources, but prefer the personal connection of a one-on-one program.


My program is designed to teach how to write in a progressive manner.
My program is designed with you in mind, so that you can learn at your own pace and with additional support as an option.


I offer confidence-building techniques to teach you not only the fundamentals of writing but how to find the voice that is uniquely yours.
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach

My method is...

perfect for someone -

  • Who appreciates a step-by-step process partnered with an expert who’s there to guide them along the writing journey.
  • Looking for a confidence-building approach to writing.
  • Excited about the possibility of receiving feedback.
  • Needing encouragement and moral support through the highs and lows associated with writing.
  • Spiritually motivated to change the planet.
  • Excited to learn.
  • With an open mind.
  • Looking for a mentor who has publishing experience.
  • With integrity hoping to inspire others through a story.
  • Hoping to partner with an advisor that knows the ins and outs of publishing.
  • Willing to put in the time to produce a high-quality manuscript.
  • Seeking a consultant with an understanding from the writer’s and publisher’s point-of-view.

not meant for someone -

  • Looking for a quick get-rich scheme.
  • Not interested in devoting the necessary time for revisions.
  • Willing to publish without edits.
  • Ready to hit the publish button when they know their manuscript is not ready.
  • Unwilling to consider professional input.
  • Who doesn't care about quality.
  • Hoping to publish as fast as possible.
  • Open to cutting corners.

The Sharon CassanoLochman Method to Writing Success
is a common-sense blueprint to writing. 


Through my years of writing and my certified publishing company, I have discovered the secrets that allow stories to unfold in the most magnificent way—and in a way that can be done for any type of writing project—and in a way that is not currently offered elsewhere.


I believe there’s value in a stair-step approach. I believe there’s value in not recreating the wheel. I believe that learning from an expert can save time and money. 


I have put in the time and energy and experienced the pitfalls of the learning curve so that you don't need to follow the same path. I have invested years in honing my craft and am here to give you all of my secrets with no hold-backs.


Here’s my step-by-step process that paves the way for an aspiring author to become a wildly-successful published author.

Sharon CassanoLochman Writing Method Step 1

Writing For Magazines

This is the first step to getting published! You will learn the craft of writing through writing. This course takes you from concept through to submission in a step-by-step process.

Learn More
Sharon CassanoLochman Writing Method Step 2

Writing a Short Story 

You will learn how to write a character-driven story, understand the importance of pacing, and hone your writing skills. This is your roadmap for a successful submission.

Learn More
Sharon CassanoLochman Writing Method Step 3

Writing a Novel

You will learn how to write a lengthy rough draft, organize your manuscript into chapters, and revise for clarity with an emphasis on character development, descriptive language, plot, and voice, and so much more!

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Feedback from Jeanmarie T.

“Some people need to learn the art of writing, creatively. My case is the 80/20 rule. A combination of practice (20%) and the discipline to do so (80%). Sharon gave direction and off we went, writing, as a group, (online), for a timed period over a lunch hour. Bam! The wake-up call happened and now I envision the story; framing the tale, identifying the process. The skin in the game is my time and dedication to the process. Sharon taught the old dog a few new tricks while igniting some old ones. Looking forward to many more opportunities to meet with her."

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