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A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Writer

inspiration Apr 04, 2020

When it comes to writing a biography, most people fall into the fact trap where they present a quantitative list of their personal and scholastic accolades. Perhaps there is a need for that sort of biography under a strict sense of a need-to-know basis for employment purposes. But a list of facts does little to offer the reader a glimpse into you! 

What if you could share your whole life’s history without stating one single fact?

What milestones have you reached or lessons learned? What is your essence that sets you apart from all others? Where have you been and what have you become? What of your life’s challenges and the greatest rewards?

I can tell you who I am.

I am an origami butterfly.

I am an origami butterfly fashioned from silk paper. Splashed with colors boldly hued. Crumpled and torn edges from the elements and time. Painfully tender from injuries suffered by friends and family. Hidden behind false layers. My sorrow watered with unfragrant memories and...

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