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Sharon CassanoLochman | Book Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach

Stranded On Thin Ice

This page-turning, heart-pounding survival story and AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER will keep you on the edge of your seat! Stranded on Thin Ice is an adventure story for boys and girls and the whole family. 

Twelve-year-old Tanner Phillips fishes the Oneida Lake Ice Fishing Derby every year with his dad. Last year, he ruined everything—losing the competition and losing some of his grandfather's gear. This year, Tanner is determined to not only prove his skills on the ice but also show his dad, once and for all, that he's no longer a little kid. 

But as soon as they get out on the ice, the competition turns disastrous. When one of the competitors goes missing and another gets injured, Tanner's father must leave Tanner and his new friend, Richie, alone on the ice. After their ice hut comes unhitched, Tanner and Richie find themselves blown across the frozen lake in a blinding snowstorm. 


Without their cell phones. 

Trapped, on thin ice. 

Suddenly, it isn't just about winning the derby—it's about life and death. In one perilous night, Tanner will have to prove not to his father, but to himself, that he has the courage and determination to survive. Can Tanner and Richie survive the unthinkable? Can they survive Stranded on Thin Ice?

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"Humor tempers peril in STRANDED ON THIN ICE, an excellent coming-of-age journey in which new friends join wits and will to overcome fearful challenges."– Alicia Rudnicki 
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach
Sharon CassanoLochman | Author Coach

Man with the Sand Dollar Face

A Nail-Biting Pulp Noir Crime Thriller with a Hard-Boiled Amateur Sleuth.

Hattie Crumford, a quirky widow in her early sixties, takes her first job answering the phone in a private investigator's office.

Running a little late one morning, she discovers an agitated man pacing at the office door. He insists he must see the PI immediately. In the midst of his anxious demands, he clutches his chest and collapses.

Shocked, Hattie runs for help. Upon returning, the man has disappeared. Detective Hugo Gabby and Hattie’s boss, Wallace C. Woodard, are skeptical and dismissive of her story.

To prove it’s not her wild imagination, Hattie sets out to find the missing man using only the cryptic note he left in his place and his last words as her clues.

As the story unfolds, Hattie Crumford finds herself embroiled in an international drug trafficking ring.

Everything hinges on the Man with the Sand Dollar Face.

Discover What Happens
“Proverbial good read with interesting characters that challenge you to figure out just where they fit. Things aren’t always what they appear to be. Sometimes like a thrill ride that takes over for the scary part. Does keep you wondering what’s next and when and what are the next. Short chapters that seemed to quickly move you along.” –  Gary N. Wodder, Ph.D. 

Blink, Blink, Blink in Sync

Silent Fireworks

It’s June in Elmont, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains and a crowd has gathered for the opportunity to witness fireflies communicating in a beautifully unique and unexplainable manner. But wait, these aren’t just regular backyard fireflies…these fireflies synchronize their sparkle.

Most fireflies that synchronize their flash are found in Southeast Asia. Some species are in the United States. Synchronizing fireflies’ habitat within the United States includes Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. The most spectacular display is found in the Great Smoky Mountains. You can catch a ride to the event on the shuttle in the town of Elkmont, Tennessee.

Fireflies are a magical part of childhood. Sadly, their numbers are diminishing. Light pollution disrupts their mating patterns. Parking lots and buildings have replaced their natural landscape. What can you do to help? Look for the recipe for home-grown fireflies at the end of the book.

Let the Adventure Begin
2020 Writer's Digest Award for Sharon CassanoLochman - Blink, Blink, Blink in Sync
"Such a creative format and very informative for budding scientists of all ages!”— Mrs. Bucklin's Science Class, Arcadia Middle School

Hugo Deani Runs Late

From the 2022 Finalist of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2019 Winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2018 Winner of the Selah Award, International Best-Selling author Sharon CassanoLochman

Dedicated to all military families for their unselfish devotion and service to our country.

See What Happens
Indie Book Award for Sharon CassanoLochman - Hugo Deani Runs Late
"Hugo Deani Runs Late is whimsical & fast-pacedA sweet and touching read that I would recommend to parents, caregivers, and teachers to share with their children."—Joellen Schwallie, Author

"...a very impactful lesson that will touch all hearts, whether young or old."—Betty J. Fruin, Inspirational Writer

Ellibot and Aunt Maple

Elliot had a dilemma.

Aunt Maple had arrived with babysitting intentions. There would be--social expectations! Idle chatter. A long, drawn-out dinner.

Everything on the television except Elliot’s favorite channel. Elliot brainstormed. From the depths of the toy box, he collected everything he needed. He tinkered and erected.

Elliot sent his invention on a mission to keep Aunt Maple busy. But Elliot soon discovers that a day to himself is not what he expected.

Share In The Fun
Story Monsters Approved for Sharon CassanoLochman's Ellibot and Aunt Maple
"This is an adorable and creative story that explores the imagination of many young children. What child doesn’t love making things out of their toys and scraps around the house? Children love robots and will thoroughly enjoy and relate to this book. The sensory description will challenge and entertain children of many ages.  The delightful illustrations of Elliot and Ellibot go hand and hand with this light hearted, fun loving children’s book.”– Jennifer Benton
Reader's Favorite for Sharon CassanoLochman's Ellibot and Aunt Maple

Green Toenail Soup and Bat Fuzz

A furious storm has passed through the town of Madwacky, leaving behind a trail of thick fog. The townspeople run for help at the Wizard Academy, but the ancient Wizard is sick in bed. No one is willing to try...except for Tito--the youngest wizard trainee of all. Follow Tito's wild and wacky chants as he tries to remember the magic words to bring back the rolling hills and meadow to the town of Madwacky.

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"Green Toenail Soup and Bat Fuzz by Sharon a delightful story that begs to be read aloud. Children will love the alliteration and rhymes in Tito's magic spells, and the fanciful images that they bring to the imagination...The townspeople are a diverse, expressive, and comical lot who get carried away with Tito's magic. The result is a lot of fun that is sure to please and entertain."
– Pamela Jean Horter-Moore

Spiritual Verse Today 1 -
God's Light

Spiritual Verse Today is an inspirational read from Award-Winning #1 Best-Selling author Sharon CassanoLochman. Thousands have found daily comfort and hope through CassanoLochman’s poetic verse.

Spiritual Verse Today’s inspirational messages offer relief from the heaviness of life or crooked trails taken. The daily distractions that tug at the heart left untended. Sorrows overwhelming even on the brightest of days. The snippet of time sometimes wished undone.

There are many battlefields in life. Release your burdens—whatever they may be. Find forgiveness for the past, peace in the moment, and hope for the future.

Get Illuminated Now
“Sharon CassanoLochman's Spiritual Verse Today flows from a place high above our earthly home and settles lovingly amidst our struggles, offering balm to our pain and light to our path. The author’s eloquent words speak to the challenges we encounter and burdens we carry, and unites them with the Divine Voice of love and compassion. Whether read as daily installments of encouragement and inspiration or longer indulgences of optimism and faith, this book is a gift to each who turns its pages."– Lily Tanzer

Spiritual Verse Today 2 - Heart and Soul

“Whether encouraging us to shine as the heavenly warriors we are or to sing our out-of-tune songs in harmony with the soul, Sharon CassanoLochman reminds us of the unique goodness, wisdom, and spirit each of us carries within us. In beautifully crafted passages she invites us to celebrate those unique gifts from God. In each essay, we are inspired to nurture our connections with the spirit by practicing love and forgiveness, by taking a walk in nature, by looking into a child’s face.  Sharon’s tender love of nature, her respect for humankind and her faith in the healing gifts of spirit are evident on every page.

This writer knows that not every day is not spent in a blissful state of awareness and connection with the spirit that surrounds us. Losses, grievances, fears, self-doubt, being too busy—these are the times, she reminds us, to turn inward to God, to the spirit who can hold our pain with us and provide comfort and direction.

You will find yourself reaching for these inspiring and beautiful essays frequently—so put this little volume someplace handy—at home, at work, while on a stroll. Sharon CassanoLochman has given us a beautiful reminder to slow down and be human.” – Cairn McCormack

Transcend Today
"Sharon CassanoLochman’s Spiritual Verse Today takes you on an emotional and soulful journey into life. Her moments transcend time and space." – Victoria Visiko 

Spiritual Verse Today 3 -
Gifted Time

“Sharon CassanoLochman’s Spiritual Verse Today is an expression of gratitude, a circle of prayers from the Creator to the reader, and from the reader to all of creation. The verses celebrate our humanity, encouraging us to send white doves to the friend who deserts us, forgive ourselves, and live and die strong as ancient stones, taking the blessings of God into our core. Whether read singly or as a flow, Sharon CassanoLochman’s verses meld classic spirituality with our media-driven existence into a relevant and lyrical meditation for today’s human condition.” – Ernestine B. Colombo

 “I received each verse as a personal prayer, prayed directly into my heart by Sharon CassanoLochman, lovingly admonishing me to embrace those daily challenges that obscure my faith in a loving and constant God. I found this a book to read slowly and savor.” – Janet Thirlby

Savor The Moments

Unfettered Hearts Volumes 1 & 2

Open the pages of this beautiful coffee-table book and meet the everyday people who share their amazing stories - stories of challenge and heartache that transform into moments of triumph and growth. Hear the beat of courageous hearts and feel the power of love and transformation.

Dozens of ordinary people now have shared their extraordinary stories making this a truly inspirational book!

Click Here for Volume 1
Click Here for Volume 2

The Power of Why

Why 28 Women Created an Online Course

If you are a coach, consultant, or counselor, you must have experienced the ceiling to how many hours you can work and the number of people you can help with your expertise on a one-on-one basis.

Now, technology gives you the power to help more people without overwhelming yourself with long hours of work. If you are ready to scale your coaching, consulting, or counseling business to the next level, then you are in the right place.

Tap into the Power of Why

Room For Grace

“Room for Grace is a heart-warming story about the power of compassion and acceptance. Although intended for young people, this tale will resonate with all ages, since its message is too seldom heard.

The narrator is a young girl who is forced by her mother to share her world with Grace, an unkempt and scruffy stranger her own age who needs temporary shelter. She hates the thought of having Grace for a roommate and having to drag her along with her to school.

Once in school, her actions make it clear to Grace that she is unwanted and unwelcome. Grace is secluded, not only from her but from her classmates, who quickly pick up on her disdain for her new friend.

Then, she has a moment of insight. She experiences Grace’s pain and suffering and her own indifference and hostility. As empathy replaces contempt, she sees Grace, not as a stranger, but as another human being. She is open now to Grace’s corresponding motions of comfort and friendship.

The walls of reservation and resentment have been knocked down upon the commonality of their humanity.”

– Pamela Jean Horter-Moore 

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"Compassion is a theme for Sharon and it shines in this book that is filled with life lessons for everyone.
This is a reminder that kindness matters throughout life." — Vicki, Amazon Review

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