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Be the Author Who Dared.

Your roadmap to writing a book.

A step-by-step guide to writing like a seasoned writer.

I’m here to help you—the aspiring author—to foster, harness, and share your power through words.

How long have you known you were a writer?

Perhaps you’ve known since the thick lead pencil teetered unsteadily in your hand. Maybe you found your way to the pen and pad indirectly through emotional trauma, work obligations, or a spiritual awakening.

The nudge to write is subtle at times. It often begins as a yearning or secret desire. At times, it can be painful, draining, and time-consuming. Some book births linger for decades or longer.

Sharon CassanoLochman | Book Coach

It is time to step into yourself. Be the writer who dared.

It is time to step into yourself. Be the writer who dared.

Are you teetering on the edge of the paper? 

Do you have an idea but are unsure of what to do next? Do you feel like you’ll burst if you don’t write? Do you have aspirations of writing a novel but haven’t a clue of what to do beyond the title? Are you a speaker, coach or in a service field and considered authoring a nonfiction book to enhance your business?

Writing can be a stressful process. Learn how to let go of the stressful approach to writing.

I can help.

I understand and appreciate the fears you face. 

Self-doubt and self-sabotage can turn hours into decades, and the best writing intentions remain stagnant or unrealized for what may seem like a lifetime.

Take the first step of the writing journey. Let the words go and set your stories free. Feel the magnificence of the pen put to paper.

Sometimes it’s the fear of being less than perfect that restricts the pen’s flow. You can linger over the logistics and forget the actual art and joy of writing.

Writing comes from the heart (not the head). I will help you access your writing from that deep place.

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”
–Jodi Picoult

Perhaps it’s not over-editing that has you pulling your hair out, maybe you’re uncertain about dialogue tags, plot twists, and the rise and fall of the chapters. 

Don’t worry...I can help!


But what about the lousy grade from your High School English teacher? Surely if you were a writing genius, she would have known. Worry slips in from behind a cloud of what if. 

What if you can’t write? What will your family and friends think? What if it’s full of mistakes? 

What if. What if. What if. 

You can’t take the chance.

You wake from the dream of possibilities, dropping the pen, never to be the author who dared.

Gone is the joy of writing. Gone is the bliss.

Feelings of dread and insignificance arise. The hand ceases its motion. The story comes to an abrupt halt. A once-happy act now replaced with frustration, agony, and dread.

Once pulled to the paper, you feel pushed over the edge. The story goes back into hiding between titles, computer files, or desk drawers. 

You hate the act of writing. 

You love the act of writing. 

Never have you been more frustrated. 

Never have you felt more alive.

You can change the cycle. It’s easier than you think.

Step onto the blank page and step into yourself.

Your path is with your pen.

Sharon CassanoLochman | Writer Coach

Dreams to reality.

My mission is to inspire, teach, and lead you—the aspiring author—through the fundamentals of the writing, submitting, and publishing process. I am the only personalized writing consultant offering a holistic approach to writing.

I give you my blessings to be the author who dared.

The world needs your talents. 

The world needs to hear your voice—the voice of a writer. The world needs messages woven through plots and characters. The world needs to engage in thought-provoking ideas or ways to overcome life’s challenges. 

From what faraway places does your pen flow?

Do you have a memoir tangled amongst the branches of your family tree? Have you risen above haunting childhood memories or past trauma and have healing words of encouragement to share with the world?

Write for writing's sake.

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Sage Walker

Sage Walker

"Sharon CassanoLochman is an incredible person to work with. This was my first venture into writing a book, so I was CLUELESS. She made this process understandable and was always there for support when I needed it. I could not think of a better person to work with as she is advising and giving you positive feedback on each step of the journey. Don't hesitate to use her.  She is amazing." 


Kc Rossi

Kc Rossi

"Sharon CassanoLochman is a gift. She is an expert writer and I loved her Writing for Magazines course. Sharon provides a unique step-by-step process that helped me bust out of my outdated way of writing (think high-school term papers) and discover a creative and impactful way to organize thoughts. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of her personalized mentoring, grab it — it was a total game-changer and improved my writing dramatically. As a result, I’m more confident when pitching articles."

— Kc Rossi | Mindset & Leadership Coach

Write like a Seasoned Writer

This six-month one-on-one private mentorship program is for…

  • Someone who wants to write a book—fiction or nonfiction!
  • Someone looking for a confidence-building mentorship.
  • Someone who wants an accountability partnership to navigate the writing and revision process.
  • Someone needing assistance with time-management and goal-setting strategies.
  • Someone willing to take a fresh approach to the writing and revision process.
  • Someone who understands the importance of professional feedback through each step of the process.
  • Someone unfamiliar with industry standards.

This six-month one-on-one private mentorship program is designed to help you—the aspiring writer—
become a seasoned writer right off the bat!

Learn the right way first! Save time, money, and aggravation. 

End the cycle of writing insecurities.
Bring your writing to the next level.
See your book in print.
Work with someone committed to your project and seeing results.
Say with confidence that you are a writer.

The Write Like A Seasoned Writer Package Includes:

The Write Like A Seasoned Writer Package Includes:

  • CUSTOMIZED SESSIONS: Three 60-minute Online Coaching Sessions per month. This is your time to get any of your questions clarified as well as draw from my years of knowledge in the writing field. Each session is personalized to fit your specific needs to keep the momentum flowing. Whether it’s brainstorming the plot, reviewing your work to ensure it includes the key ingredients for a hit or having a sounding board for the turmoil of ideas swirling around in your head...this is your time.
  • EMAIL COLLABORATION: Every first and third Friday of the month is your chance to submit your work. I will provide complete reviews, direction, and optimization tips that not only give you peace of mind, but never again will you have writer’s block, procrastination, or self-doubt holding up your progress.
  • EXPERT PARTNER: My goal is to give you all I have—allowing you to draw from my years of writing and publishing experience. I will help you around all the hidden corners of the publishing world in addition to writing, editing, and publishing timeline that will give you peace-of-mind and a clear path to success. 

Ready to write like a seasoned writer? 

Bring home what’s missing in most high-end book writing programs.

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