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A 31-Day Challenge to Skyrocket Your Way To Inner Confidence

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Are you ready to boost your self-esteem and have a new outlook on life?

You were born joyful and believing in yourself and your abilities. You were not afraid to take your first step or say your first word. And as a small child, you experienced many tumbles and falls. Yet, you got back up and kept trying by putting one foot in front of the other, and soon you were unstoppable.

But something happened, and everything changed.

Now you shy away from the mirror for fear of what you might see beyond the aging face and layers of unworthiness.
Regardless of where and when it began, you have now become the loudest voice chiming unworthiness.
Feelings of unworthiness can play out in so many layers of heartache.
Are you consumed with self-doubt and negative talk? 
Do you struggle with self-image?
Are the stories you tell yourself riddled with unworthiness?
Do you feel like an imposter at life?
Have you spent your life in fear of being discovered?
Have you spent your life in search of why you are here?
I can tell you that regardless of your age, there’s more to you than the story others have told you—and there’s more to you than what you’ve said to yourself.

Are you ready to meet the new you?
The real you?

The story told to you, and the one you continue to say to yourself plays out in the choices and paths you take. You have the power to rewrite that story.

It’s  time to step into—THE NEW YOU—full of inspirational possibilities

That’s why I created THE NEW YOU 31-Day Challenge - To refresh your outlook on life by squashing self-limiting beliefs and unleashing your inner confidence.

Are you looking to create healthy thought habits and step into all that you can be?

One word can change your life.

Think about the power of words. Words cause tears—or words console. Words can create dramatic shifts in your perspective. Those ah-ha moments when suddenly everything seems so clear.

Change the way you see yourself. Write your new life story one word at a time. Establish new thought patterns. Learn to love yourself again by changing the way you think and see yourself.

Sharon CassanoLochman | Book Coach
Ernestine B. Colombo, author of Returning Souls
"For me, Sharon CassanoLochman’s challenge was thirty-one days of deep thought and consideration for who and what I truly am, and how to choose the correct words to describe that most elusive of beings - myself. Before taking the challenge, I never examined so thoroughly how I move through the world, or realized how I want others to experience me. The thirty-one days of possibilities, so gently suggested by Sharon, forced me to look at who I want to be. I am still working on some of these daily words. How do I want to be remembered? What is the essence of me? What is the title of my new chapter in life? This challenge made me see I can give myself permission to create a new chapter of my life every day! I am not bound to old ways of being. Maybe those ways were not my ways at all, but ways I bought into, ways others pounded into my head over the years. The thirty-one day challenge helped me accept that I may actually be a force for good! I may actually be a worthy and positive influence in the world. I can take my next steps in life with conviction and honesty. I am still saying my words to myself, and read them in conjunction with Sharon’s beautiful daily challenges for the richest experience. Hand in hand, her words give me the courage to continue forward with courage on this mysterious and revealing journey of life." 
Ernestine B. Colombo, author of Returning Souls

In Inspirational Possibilities  THE NEW YOU —
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This is not an ordinary challenge. 

This challenge is delivered differently—through spiritually-inspired messages. Every day you will challenge your current self-limiting beliefs and replace them with positive thought patterns. This challenge will cause you to pause and think. It will bring forth a renewed sense of self and inner beauty. Old thoughts of unworthiness will be replaced with heightened self-worth. You will learn to see the good in yourself and start a new story in your life.

I’m inviting you to save the messages in your inbox and do the challenge again and again. The messages are timeless, and the benefits are profound. Remember your baby steps? 


1 Thought-provoking daily assignment that provides spiritually-inspired guidance

Every day allow the depth and profoundness of the message to touch your soul. Then answer the question at the end of each verse with one word—one word that will change the way you see yourself.

Discover the power of one word and how it can change your life—as it has changed mine.

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 Printable worksheets that will enhance your personal journey - a place for you to keep track of your words and journal your emotions. Celebrate your elevated feelings of self-worth.

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Pamela Horter-Moore, Author: Love Quest and Brief Candles
"The challenge is a lesson in self-discovery. It provokes you into looking at yourself in a new and positive way. Every message is constructed to inform you that you are a blessed child of God, worthy of love and worthy of great things. It draws you to a closer relationship with Something larger than yourself. I enjoyed this exercise and looked forward to the messages every day." 
Pamela Horter-Moore, Author: Love Quest and Brief Candles

This is the perfect challenge for you if you are:

  • Open to Divine inspiration
  • Ready to recognize your inner worth
  • Willing to take positive action to align your view of yourself with the Divine
  • Feeling the time for change
  • Inspired by positive energy
It's time to step out of the old and into the new you. One day at a time. Change the way you think about yourself one day at a time—one word at a time--through divinely inspired possibilities. See yourself as you truly are—a child of God full of promise, compassion, and love. Worthy of a life full of inspirational possibilities.

May the next 31-Days overflow with Divinely-inspired possibilities.
Sharon CassanoLochman, Book Coach

I know these messages will inspire possibilities in your life because they did for me. I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening and challenging my personal thoughts of self. 

I found help through writing. And the writing came in a very unfamiliar form. In verse. Cryptic in nature. It was soothing to my soul, layered in tones and rhythm. The 31-Day Challenge stepped forth out of the blue—perfectly sequenced and ready to go.

The 31-day challenge changed my life. And I hope that it will change yours as well.

Judith Royle, Connecting Soulful Awareness, B.A., M.Ed., M.NLP., MTLT, MCHt, Master Reiki Teacher, Author
Who would have thought there is power in one word? Sharon’s 31-day challenge proved to be a journey of reflection of soul searching words and as I recorded each word as a response to the direction given, a thread of remembrance appeared. The words reminded me of feelings evoked that represented what was important in my life. If you had asked me “What is important in your life?” my answer would have been different than the compilation of words derived from each of the 31 days. Thank you, Sharon, for providing a creative way to explore the yearning of my soul."
—Judith Royle, Connecting Soulful Awareness, B.A., M.Ed., M.NLP., MTLT, MCHt, Master Reiki Teacher, Author


Aimee Biondolillo, Health & Wellness Coach at RawFire Living
“Sharon’s Inspirational Possibilities, The New You, A Thirty-one Day Challenge, is truly inspiring. Sharon walks you through a daily self-love message that at the end of 31 days leaves you with 31 words of love for yourself with a feeling of self-worth and fulfillment.”
—Aimee Biondolillo, Health & Wellness Coach at RawFire Living

Isn’t it time to step into yourself? 

Make it your year for inspirational possibilities. The year of THE NEW YOU in just 31 days. Register now and write your new life story—one word at a time.

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