Writer’s Block: Self-Sabotage

Writer’s Block: Self-Sabotage

Palette of Emotions

Writer’s Block

     Motivation and talent are not in question. Struggle you do needlessly. Writer’s block or self-sabotage? Unduly and worrisome misgivings.

     Clear your head of self-imposed directives. Write from your heart. Write with your God-given talent. There are as many word combinations as colors to fill the sunset sky. Take from the palette of emotions drawn from life.

     When that doesn’t work…disconnect. Move to the side. Stop blocking progress. Let the pen’s GPS find the route across the page. Think not…the more you think the less you will write. Read not…not until later.

     Faith in yourself. Trust in the process. Visualize God painting the sky good night. Swatches of gray-blue blending oranges and whites. Endless array. Never the same. So will be your writing if you’ll just get out of the way.

Sharon CassanoLochman

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