Wounded Souls: Child of God

Wounded Souls: Child of God

Purity of Grace

Wounded Souls: Child of God

     Here you were sent for a reason. Mission of utmost importance. Tattered and wounded souls to heal. Greatest gift is of yourself. Purity and strength braided with experience. One lesson left to learn. Finish healing of yourself.

     Challenged, tormented, and tempted. Vicious cycle. Caught up. Then put out. Dragging alone along a rocky crooked trail. When will enough be enough? When will vision of your Light outshine paths formerly taken? The vision sympathetically swaddled of yourself. You carry the past like a newborn child. Let it go. Embrace it no longer. For what you seek is that which you shall find. Deficiencies or purity of Grace. When letting go of the skewed view of who you are…is when you will “come to be.”

     Child of God. Perfection to your core. Look for it. Strive for it. Be it. Recognize it. See it in your actions. Feel it. Challenges, torments, and temptations will cease to be.

     Heal yourself. Your gifts are truly needed.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     It is a common-thought fallacy. You messed up before and you’ll just do it again. You are not your past. You are your future. Child of God. Look to the mirror and see what God sees. Hope. Beauty. Perfection. Start living your life as God intended. Please share your story or words of encouragement in the space below.

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