Focus on Positives


     You wrap your heart with false embraces. Knees drawn to your chest. Hidden in the alley behind the dumpster of junk. Piled high with past experiences and obstacles yet to overcome. Tales or images of who you are…imagined. Unworthy of love. Unworthy of happiness. Unworthy. Unworthy. Unworthy. A word heavy with thought.

     Yet unworthy you are not. Get rid of the external debris of weighted words in your head. Get rid of the words and leave space for positive thoughts. Fantastic opportunities are straight ahead. Think positive of yourself.

     Today is different than the rest. I gift to you a word. Worthy. For thirty-one reasons times ten, remain positive attributes you carry within. Add this word to the list of others. Take pride in yourself. Imagine a billboard along the highway of life. These eight words flash both day and night. See them in your actions, interactions, and successes. These eight words are you. They describe your worthiness.

     Worthy you are of all life has to offer. Worthy of God’s Love. You were put here for a reason. Open your heart to receive God’s Graces. For worthy you are. Worthy you have always been.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     If you are new to my page, spacebar back. Start at the beginning or jump in today. A thirty-one-day challenge we’ve established to change the way we think about ourselves. Link hearts with the last in line. For we are connected through God’s Breath.

     Here’s my word for the day. Worthy. Consider your birthright. Child of God. How could you be anything less? Please share your thoughts in the space below.

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