Weighted Existence: Cleanse

Weighted Existence: Cleanse

Peace will Follow

Weighted Existence: Cleanse

     Heavily you wear your weighted existence. So much stuff. Hoarder you’ve become. Holding, storing, stacking. Avoiding at all cost. Afraid to let go. My friend, peace will follow a good cleaning out.

     Clean out your cupboards. Clean out your heart. Discard, give back, or donate. Let go of bad memories and angst. Cluttered life, home, and heart.

     Let go of that which no longer serves. Gift it to someone else.

     Cleanse with patience. Cleanse with love.

     Walk lightly in this time and space. Keep what is needed. Let go of the rest. Make room for new memories and experiences.

     This life is gifted. Give back.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Holding…it’s what we do best. Afraid to let go of the angst carried within. Harboring of feelings and details. Anger and hurt will dissipate when left unfed. Cleanse. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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