Weight of the World

Weight of the World

Butterfly Graces

Weight of the World

     Weight of the world you carry upon your back. Of family. Of things undone. Of fears hauled from the past. Of hopes slipping away. Successes just short of fingertips callused and worn. What holds you back?

     Look to your ankles shackled with doubt. Doubts of your worthiness. Doubts of your abilities and talents. Doubts more than I can count. My friend, the restraints are in your head. One step forward is all that is needed. One step forward on this journey of life. Have faith in your abilities and your connection to God.

     More worthy you could not be. Child of God. Beautiful in your heart. Beautiful in your intentions. You are here for a reason.

     Set free your butterfly graces. Set free the amazing person I know you to be. Set free the power within. Fly butterfly. Fly. Be all that you can be.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Insignificant we feel. Comparisons made to this one and that. My friend, unique and beautiful you are – as is! Soar high. Believe in yourself, child of God. Please share your story or words of encouragement in the space below.

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One comment on “Weight of the World
  1. timmy says:

    Thank you for kind words of wisdom…self worth is all we have to give ourselves…great reminder today

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