Weight of the World: Life’s Dilemmas

Weight of the World: Life’s Dilemmas

Sleep Restfully

Weight of the World: Life’s Dilemmas

     I worry for the schedule you keep. Daylight hours pass into night. Pulled this way and that. Dragged from your feet across nations. The weight of the world resting on fragile shoulders. Goals to reach. The head spinning. No rest…even with sleep.

     How long can you carry this burden so great? Heart and soul never at rest. Worries for the world. Such a dark place in which we live.

     Organize your desk. Organize your life. Put into compartments the things you can control. Sit quietly. The answers to life’s questions will come when you slow down. The answers are there if only you will listen.

     My friend, do what you can and release the rest to God. This planet will shine when shadows across the heart are unveiled. Your Light combines with mine. Together reflecting God’s Graces and Blessings.

     Be well. Sleep restfully. For you are God’s angel and your love and tenderness are desperately needed.

Your friend

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Take time from your hectic schedule to rest. Resting of the head and heart allows for insight into life’s dilemmas. The answers are there if only you will take the time to listen.

     If you are passing through a troubling time, give gratitude for all this is well and good in your life. Soon you will find there is much to be grateful for and the rest can be released to God. Please share words of encouragement or your story below.

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