Wedged on the Threshold: Amazing Life Awaits

Wedged on the Threshold: Amazing Life Awaits

Gifted from God

Wedged on the Threshold: Amazing Life Awaits

     Caught you are. Wedged on the threshold of what was and what could be. Trepidation consuming. Hindering one step from the next. An amazing life awaits. Just around the bend.

     Ground to the Earth Mother. Feel her rocking momentum. Her gravity embrace. Feel her energy. From God she was created. Guardian and home. Draw from her Grace. Release to the Heavens your earthly anchors. Matters not your age or station. One foot forward. The other will follow. You hold in your heart the power to heal.

     Gifted from God are second chances. Take a walk on paths unknown. Enjoy the journey. Each step. Each breath. Each moment.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     You’ve been gifted life. Take not one day for granted. Journey forward, my friend. One foot…the other will follow. Please share words of encouragement in the space below.

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One comment on “Wedged on the Threshold: Amazing Life Awaits
  1. Ernestine B Colombo says:

    I love the phrase “Gifted from God are second chances.” This is the only journey will will know. Make it count, everyone!

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