Wasted Time: Windows of Life

Wasted Time: Windows of Life

Turn to God’s Light

Wasted Time: Windows of Life

     Wasted time. Watching, waiting, assuming. From the windows of your life. Calculating. Memorizing. Hoarder of details. Restless sleep preparing your case. If this…then take that. Hoping for discourse. Waiting and wishing to unload.

     Wasted time. Stop watching. Turn away from your neighbors. At home, work, or play. Turn away from the situations that offer discourse. Turn away. Take a second. Take a breath.

     For every bump or disruption…remember…we are of the same breath. Let go of the details haunting your rest. Let go of the hits behind the back. Let go of the watching, waiting, and assuming. Replace it with life.

     Rage and internal unrest must be fed. Perseveration of facts. Replaying. Relaying. Angst to repay back. End the torment.

     Turn from your neighbors. Turn from the actions and disruptions of others. Turn to God’s Light.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Live life instead of waste time. Look inward instead of outward. Offer gratitude for this gifted day by living each moment instead of reliving injustices. Please share words of encouragement in the space below.

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One comment on “Wasted Time: Windows of Life
  1. Marcia says:

    I am often guilty of not living in the moment, but instead waste time online or doing whatever. I’m not that religious, but thanks for the reminder to smell the roses and for sharing another gorgeous sunset!

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