Wall of Silence

Wall of Silence

Conversation Gifted

Wall of Silence

     Dialogue is an important part of any relationship. Conversation is a gift when spoken with compassion and clarity. Leaving nothing unsaid. Assumptions put to rest. Agreements may be pending. But filling the heart-place with understanding and grace.

     Instead…you were slapped back with attitude followed by a testy comeback. A bold and arrogant wall of silence now shrouds the remains.

     Conversations gifted…that is your stance. A recommendation to everyone before things get out of hand. Agreements are not necessary. But gifted is the understanding of intentions.

     So easy for some to sit on their throne of assumptions. Hiding in silence. For conversation might provide clarity of a situation. Instead, they greedily feed on misconstrued words or actions. Harboring anger. Adding layers to the thickness of silence.

     You did your best. Best wishes to the other half. Go now in your own direction.

  Sharon CassanoLochman

     Perhaps it has happened to you. Misconstrued events. Wishing to converse with the other half. Speaking from your heart-place with compassion. Up against a bold and arrogant wall of silence. Handle yourself with grace and compassion. You did your best. Please share your story or words of encouragement in the space below.

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