Walk with God: Safe Passage through Life’s Storms

Walk with God: Safe Passage through Life’s Storms


Walk with God: Safe Passage through Life’s Storms

     I see the weather of life etched across your face. Eyes once bright, now dim in Light. Courage gone from a heart once brave. My friend, look past this moment…you have life.

     With life is gifted the possibility of change. Change of situations. Change of direction. Change of emotions. Change of dynamics within relationships. Simply…change.

     Lift your frail hand, if but one finger at first. Reach for life with all that you have. It is your life. It is your breath. Take this opportunity to change the climate of your life.

     Walk with God. Allow God to provide direction and safe passage through life’s storms.

     Child of God, you have been gifted a life to enjoy. A life to Shine. Shine in God’s Light. Be all. Do all. Give gratitude for the opportunity to change. In this moment…you have life. Waste not this precious gift.

     The past is the past. Look not back to steps taken. Look forward to the possibilities of a peaceful existence.

     See, feel, and believe. There is hope, my brave friend. Have courage. Take this first step forward.


Sharon CassanoLochman

     You don’t drive your car through your rear-view mirror. Why would you live your life facing backward? The past will always be there, nudging from behind. You already know where you’ve been. It is where you step right now that will make the difference.

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