Wake-Up Call: Live Life

Wake-Up Call: Live Life

Pink Zebra Striped Mornings

Wake-Up Call: Live Life

     Hurriedly, you toss moment to moment into what’s coming. The checklist mounts on your drafted life table. Meanwhile, pink zebra-striped mornings escape your vision.

     Slow down. Stop thinking. Start living.

     Checklists are important, for goals manifest into reality. Energy and effort are required for things to get done. But, what of the moment that just passed, unnoticed?

     Balance dreams with effort at living. Take time to notice pink zebra striped mornings and butterfly flower kisses. Work happily and efficiently towards your checklist…but leave time to notice God’s Blessings.

     Live life. See life. Be life. Do life. Work hard while living fully. Don’t let the moment escape your vision.


Sharon CassanoLochman

     Set the alarm on your phone for a wake-up call to life. Hourly reminders to stop…breathe…and SEE God’s Blessings. Please share your story or thoughts in the space below.

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