Untidy Your Heart: Release from Sadness

Untidy Your Heart: Release from Sadness

Serenity of the Moment

Untidy Your Heart: Release from Sadness

     I watch helplessly as you carry yourself on a sea of sadness… floating away from life’s most precious moments.

     Untidy your heart. Scatter and dismiss those things you hold closest that feed your sadness. Toss life’s negativities to the breeze. Release self-indulging and self-destroying memories that keep you from your life destiny. Memories you covet through fear. Fear of hurt, judgment, shame, or loss. Memories deposited from your head to your heart. Buried and neatly organized. Buried in your most sacred place. Your heart.

     Tidy and neatly organized compartments, ready  to arm yourself within a moment’s notice for mental or emotional battle. “I remember when…” as you pull from one compartment or another. “I’ll never let that happen again.” You hide behind your Earthly façade of false notions and false emotions. False emphasis on what is truly important.

     But wait, what are you missing through your clouded, tearful vision? Could this be a good experience, a life lesson, a moment of Brightness now denied to your soul?

     Imagine yourself with closed eyes and hands tied behind your back. Imagine finding your way through life with the guidance of your heart and the knowledge that comes forth from within. Imagine floating on a rainbow-colored sea of hope, peace, and serenity. Enjoying the moment. Enjoying life without fear. Enjoying the solely-wondrous anticipation for what is yet to come.

     Imagine today, this moment – finding serenity of the moment through your heart.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Look to the beauty of the moment to let go of the past. Please share words of gratitude in the space below.

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