Unrelenting Pressure: Void Exhausting Distraction

Unrelenting Pressure: Void Exhausting Distraction

Joyful Living

Unrelenting Pressure: Void Exhausting Distraction

     So much to do. Unrelenting pressure. Straining to do all and be all. Spinning cycle faster and faster. Life is short. To that I agree. But joyful existence was God’s intention. Approach life with the innocence of youth. Shift gears from fast forward. The speed in which you travel should be natural. God will provide the tempo and challenges. What is. Everything else will be. Live with tears of joy void exhausting distractions.

     When living in the moment, all that is gathered is purest of intention. Grueling tasks become pleasure. Check in on long term goals. But live not with future expectations or where you have already been. Storms will continue to rest along the horizon. But balanced you will remain without fear when in the moment.

     Let go of the strain. Give yourself permission to simply be. Joyfully approach obligations and notions. Trust in the guidance and help from God. Release stressful incantations. You are already wonderful blended.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     So much time is wasted on worry and running in place. When living in the moment, each life task is magically arranged. With faith in yourself and God…live joyfully to the fullest. Please share your experience of joyful living in the space below.

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