Trust Faith God Soar

Trust Faith God Soar


Trust Faith God Soar

     Rocky trails color the hills with uncertainty. Fragile is your self-esteem. Fear of miss-stepped intentions. After all, you may fall—or you may soar!

     Close your eyes to the obstacles and focus on the goals. Life is a series of bumps and falls. Wrap fear in a linen handkerchief. Place it in your front pocket. Release it as needed when personal safety is involved. The rest of life’s uncertainty is meant to be unknown.

     Trust. Faith. God. Soar.

     Live life to its fullest. Let go of the fears that hold you in place. Release your fears to God—and soar!


Sharon CassanoLochman

     So often we allow our fears of the unknown to hold us back from truly experiencing life and all the wonders it has to offer. Reach for the stars. Extend the bar from what is merely comfortable and known. Release your fears to God and live a life that is full of new experiences. Learn to enjoy the uncertainty of new trails blazed with trust, faith, and God. Soar, my dear friend. Soar.

     What holds you back? Please share your story or comments in the space below.

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