Troubling Time: Embrace God’s Light

Troubling Time: Embrace God’s Light

Past the Shadows

Troubling Time: Embrace God’s Light

     It is a troubling time. Anger revs at the brim of societies. Invoked and provoked by power-hungry individuals for political gains. Fingers pointed. Arms raised. Joyfully, the media rushes to deliver.

     My friend, awareness of the state of things need not mean embracing the negativity. Do not give it power.

     Embrace the positive. Remember the love once felt for a brother…before you knew how he voted. Remember the compassion once felt for a person of a different origin…before you learned to fear. Remember the prayers of your youth…before you thought you were the center of the universe.

     My friend, it is as easy as breathing. Look through the shadows. There is Light. Do not give power to negative influences. Give power to God’s Light.

     For every hurtful act against man and planet, offer prayer. For every hurtful act, there is hope. You will see it, too. Simply look through the shadows to the Light.


Sharon CassanoLochman

     Your energy will follow your intention. Live a life focused on compassion. Live a life focused on God’s Light and you WILL make a difference! Please leave your thoughts or comments in the space below.

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3 comments on “Troubling Time: Embrace God’s Light
  1. Marcia says:

    Thanks for pointing out the light, Sharon. Happy New Year!

  2. For years, I have separated the political beliefs from the person; the discriminator is “is that person of a good heart”. IF so, who cares- if s/he is an incompetent supervisor, believes the earth is flat, etc.

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