Toxic Relationship: Gate Locked and Sealed

Toxic Relationship: Gate Locked and Sealed

May God Grace You Abundance of Peace and Joy

Toxic Relationship: Gate Locked and Sealed    

     Mistaken you are for my outward façade. Withholding of love you are surely mistaken. Enough simply said. Conversations delinquent.

     Unhealthy and toxic path this relationship has taken. Passage of time in my personal space you are forbidden. Gate now locked and sealed. In my heart you shall always remain. Love unswayed. Be well, my friend. Far from my personal space.

     May God grace you abundance of peace, joy, and new relationships.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Perhaps you have ended an unhealthy relationship with a friend, partner, or relative. Difficult as it may be, sometimes peace is found with love from a distance. Share your story or words of encouragement below.

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