Tormented Existence: Courage to Stand Tall

Tormented Existence: Courage to Stand Tall

Grace and Light of God

Tormented Existence: Courage to Stand Tall

     Courage. Courage it takes. Courage to stand tall in the awareness of you. Awareness of unfortunate choices and bonds made with intersecting personalities.  New direction now followed. No longer told what to do. What to say. How to act. Where to go. What to wear. No longer squashed beneath a toe-plated boot. You know who you are. Strong. Courageous. Beautiful. Child of God.

     Ignorant are those tormenting your existence with hurtful dialogue. Swollen egos cradled on the demise and undoing of innocence. Expanse of time devoted to hate-ridden slander. Ambitious self-glorification.

     Courage it takes to stand against and let go. Send forward prayers of gratitude for separation from the foul coarseness. Safely tucked away in a world your own. You have reflected. You have found you. Confident and controlled. Peaceful and genuine on the path now so carefully chosen.

     Child of God. Always there will be dark-sided ignorance. Follow the Grace and Light of God.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Gifted are some with the wickedness of tongue. Righteous ignorance. Do not involve yourself in the banter. You know who you are. Stand tall on good deeds, prayer, and laughter. Please share your story or words encouragement in the space below.

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