Tolerance Required: Sacred Moments

Tolerance Required: Sacred Moments

Children of God from all Nations

Tolerance Required: Sacred Moments

     Gentle reminder. To your heart-place go. Children of God come from all nations. Different in name, language, location, and religion. Tolerance required.

     Honor beliefs carried within and those of others. From one God a breath we were gifted. Recognize our connectedness through worship. Care not what time of day or the manner in which another prays. Care that they pray.

     In your sacred moments, send good will and wishes to those beyond your walls. To neighbors, friends, and unknowns. Lift this world through humbleness. Through love. Compassion. And…tolerance.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     It is important to honor your personal beliefs with integrity. Let us today, join hands within our differences. Let us pray. Please leave words of encouragement below.

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