Times of Struggle: Pray for Strength

Times of Struggle: Pray for Strength

Renewed Faith

Times of Struggle: Pray for Strength

     I search with my heart and feel your pain. Everything in order. Then chaos reigns. Disheveled and torn. Brought haphazardly to your knees. Life happens. Through times of struggle…step back. Step back from the chaos. Pray for strength.

     Renew faith in yourself. Renew faith in God. Recognize God’s Blessings tightly wrapped in and around the day.

     Guarantees were not given that life would be easy. It is the ability to remain balanced in God’s Love that makes the difference. Renew your faith in times of struggle. Carry your faith through the remainder of your days.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Guarantees are not given. Not for the length of life or challenges faced. But when greeting each day in balance with God…happiness, peace, and love reign. Please, share words of encouragement in the space below.

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