Tears: Emotional Cleansing

Tears: Emotional Cleansing

Release to God

Tears: Emotional Cleansing

     There are as many reasons for tears as there are types of laughter. Tears need not be a definable symptom. Downing prescriptions or self-medications. Masking a tearful existence.

     Learn to use soulful reflection. Learn to use tears to cleanse the emotional remembrance. Allow for the flow. Limit in time as to what you know is needed. No more. No less. Privately sorrowful in reflection.

     Then wrap the sorrows in laced fabric. Tie a bow of braided gold sashes. Release to God the burden too great to carry.

     Always there will be tear-filled situations. Welcome the cleansing.

Sharon CassanoLochman

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One comment on “Tears: Emotional Cleansing
  1. Kim Wagner says:

    Both beautiful and insightful. Thank you.

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