Tears Concealed: Journey of Grief

Tears Concealed: Journey of Grief

Give to God

Tears Concealed: Journey of Grief

     Wipe the tears so carefully concealed. As before when out and about. Returning home, alone you sit. Solitude slammed on the doorstep of peace. My friend, alone you will never be. For God tends your needs whilst you grieve.

     Personal and private is the journey of grief. Family and friends worrisome chatter offers little relief. Sit with God. Give to God the burden carried. Overwhelming emptiness to the edges of your space. Pray for release. Release from heartache and sorrow. Release from grief.

     Allow in God’s Light. Promise you have. Life continues on. Here and thereafter.

     Search your heart place. Feel God’s Embrace.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Please, reach out to console friends or family facing oneness. For that is how the passing of a loved one feels. One week, one month, one year…their sorrowful process continues. Stay in touch…even past the “time” society believes sufficient to grieve. Grief is a private journey.

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