Surrender to Your Sorrow: Tend to Your Woundedness

Surrender to Your Sorrow: Tend to Your Woundedness

 You Gave Love Freely… but to the Wrong Person

Surrender to Your Sorrow: Tend to Your Woundedness

     I see the shadowed darkness of your woundedness. Cloaked with insecurities and self-doubt, you sequester yourself from joyful expressions and opportunities.

     You gave love freely – but mistakenly to the wrong person. A person more interested in the trinkets of life and immediate gratification. A person consumed with self-indulgent behavior. A person incapable of matching the purity of your love. Are those not their deficiencies instead of yours?

     Love is more than an emotion. It is the essence of our Being. It is programmed into every cell of our body. We fail to thrive without it.

     In a healthy relationship, love is matched equally, wholly, and purely. It is more than the bond between lovers. Love is the ability to intimately share and care for another. To tenderly caress their soul with compassion and gentleness. To “see” them for all that they are and all they can be.

     Love is not manipulation or exploitation. Love is not needy or greedy. Love is not regimented to a clock or meant to be crammed into a box of opportunity.

     Love is the silhouette of our Creator.

     Embrace tightly the knowledge that when you are ready, you command the ability to cut the strings that emotionally bind you. You own the strength to forge forward, alone.

     You are not to blame. Your love was given deeply, intensely, and innocently.

     Surrender to your sorrow.

     Tend to your woundedness. In the space of privacy, cry a cleansing cry. Flush away the hurt, anger, disappointment, and pain. Replace it with God’s love. Deliberately fill your time with activities until your smile returns and your sorrow is replaced with joy for a new day.

   You are loved. You will find love again. Seek comfort through prayer and through God’s love.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     You gave love freely….but mistakenly to the wrong person. Tend to your heart. Release your sorrow. You will love again. Please share your story or words of encouragement in the space below.

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