Suffering Souls: Speaking to the Heart

Suffering Souls: Speaking to the Heart

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Suffering Souls: Speaking to the Heart

     It is not the gurus, mystics, psychics, or preachers to which I speak. It is to the suffering and wandering souls that seek. Seeking kindness and attention from another human being. Lifting of the consciences or spirits in this moment to the next. Speaking to the heart of those alone or lost within. Lean on my borrowed words until balance is resumed. Then stand on your own.

     Life is a cycle of ups and downs. Tally not deeds done. But rally together. Together is the key to a life of success. For alone we are never when we walk in Light.

     Gifted to you with prayerful wishes. A day of peace and reflection. Pass on then to a stranger. Love connection from your sacred heart-place. For it is from here which I speak. I gift to you love universal.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     May your day be Blessed with peace. Please send love and compassion to those in need. Share your words of encouragement in the space below.

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