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What the Spiritual Verse Today Blog is All About

Spiritual Verse Today addresses heart-felt moments—snippets of time. The heaviness of life that sometimes drags from behind. Distractions that tug at hearts left untended. Sorrows overwhelming the brightest of days.

Join me for a walk in God’s Light through Spiritual Verse Today.

Once Majestic Nation: American Way of Life

Lift the Clouds that Blanket our Nation Once Majestic Nation: American Way of Life      A blanket of angst continues to cloud a once majestic nation. Situations arise on the right. Situations arise on the left. Brother against brother. Propaganda unravels the...

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Reinforce Faith and Connection to God

Peaceful Shores   Reinforce Faith and Connection to God      A storm threatens peaceful shores. Gaining momentum. Masked in authority. Propelled by power afforded by money. The time is now to ready your abode for disasters personal, financial, and political in nature....

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Trust Faith God Soar

Soar Trust Faith God Soar      Rocky trails color the hills with uncertainty. Fragile is your self-esteem. Fear of miss-stepped intentions. After all, you may fall—or you may soar!      Close your eyes to the obstacles and focus on the goals. Life is a series of bumps...

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Faith: Never Forsaken

Vast and Humbling Faith: Never Forsaken      I see you at the gate of great happenings. A universe of miraculous events and experiences await each new day. Yet there you are, clinging to fear. Afraid to let go. Afraid to soar. My friend, what holds you in place?     ...

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Lost Second Chance

Faith Lost Second Chance      Drapes drawn. Cloaked in black. Mourning a lost second chance.      Sometimes in this life there are no second chances. Circumstances change. People pass over. Hearts harden. Lost opportunities sway as if onlys like wheat in the wind....

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Wake-Up Call: Live Life

Pink Zebra Striped Mornings Wake-Up Call: Live Life      Hurriedly, you toss moment to moment into what’s coming. The checklist mounts on your drafted life table. Meanwhile, pink zebra-striped mornings escape your vision.      Slow down. Stop thinking. Start living....

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Gift from Heaven

See Clearly Gift from Heaven      You rush from the mirror’s frustrating reflection. Pulling and tugging first this way and then that. Clearly seeing…every fault magnified. You question. From whom was this high forehead gifted? And these ears…and a chin sharp enough...

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Eavesdropping through Technology

Life Suspended Eavesdropping through Technology      You stand in the shadows of invisibility. Covered by a cloak of technology. Reading. Watching. Justifying. Spewing. Raging from within at the audacity of others. How dare they carry on! How dare they live their...

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Strength of Humanity: Diversity in Light

Diversity in Light Strength of Humanity      The strength of humanity rests not on the shoulders of one representation of political or religious persuasion. The strength of humanity is built on the Light that laces the strands of diversity into one. Blending of...

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