Spiritual Verse Today


What the Spiritual Verse Today Blog is All About

Spiritual Verse Today addresses heart-felt moments—snippets of time. The heaviness of life that sometimes drags from behind. Distractions that tug at hearts left untended. Sorrows overwhelming the brightest of days.

Join me for a walk in God’s Light through Spiritual Verse Today.


Promised Sunrise Hope      A gentle breeze kisses your cheek. The early morning dew wets the bottom of your feet. You pull your garment close. In company with a promised sunrise, you feel the pulse and pound. Heartbeats of the many. Woes of the whole. Like the surge...

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Absence of Joy

Song of Praise Absence of Joy      Cannibalized memories play across the walls of the somber cavern in which you sit. Hoarded moments of time. Sorrow dictating the climate. You strum for a tone of a song forgotten. Your sonnet twangs off-key.      Absence of verse....

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Dreams to Reality

Wishes Dropped and Spent Dreams to Reality      Copper pennies shimmer beneath rippled pond water. Remnants of wishes dropped and spent. Layered dreams forgotten. Wishes resting between moments of time like written words sandwiched between the pages.      Wishes and...

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Fear Sweeping Our Nation

Child’s Play Fear Sweeping Our Nation      An epidemic is sweeping our nation. Children caught in the crossfire of something gone terribly wrong. Children fearing more than their report cards and being left out of playground parley. Children witnessing crimes of war...

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Friendships Camouflaged

Pedigree in God’s Light Friendships Camouflaged      Perched from self-appointed chaired positions, opinions blast from the sidelines of your life. Through slanted vision, venomous rants spew from a dark place. Detailed accounts mirror your past. Judgement sits....

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Mournful Tears

Peaceful Slumber Mournful Tears      Hours pass twisted and wrapped in floral linens. Eyelids heavy from lack of peace. Mournful tears dampen a satin pillowcase. Sleep loiters just beyond reach. An empty dream catcher limply hangs from the bedpost carved from...

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God Gifted Talent

Borrower of Words God Gifted Talent      Borrower of words. Giving life to thoughts and phrases. Misspelling. Inventing new definitions. Molding for sound knowing the rest will work out later.     Borrower of words. Painter upon the mind’s canvas. Splattering images...

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God's Love has Never Faltered Abandonment      It comes in many forms. It drops men to their knees. It leaves children crying. It alters the self-esteem. It brings the heart to an unhappy place.      Abandonment is a form of abusive. Abandonment of love. Abandonment...

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Tears: Emotional Cleansing

Release to God Tears: Emotional Cleansing      There are as many reasons for tears as there are types of laughter. Tears need not be a definable symptom. Downing prescriptions or self-medications. Masking a tearful existence.      Learn to use soulful reflection....

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