Social Media and the Heartbreak it can Cause

Social Media and the Heartbreak it can Cause


Social Media and the Heartbreak it can Cause

     Heartbreaking when the devices that link us as a people also cause great divide.

     Use the social media to uplift instead of toting a new handbag or bragging about where you went to eat.

     Use the social media to link us as children of God instead of political guinea pigs.

     Use the social media as a reminder of those who are in need.

     Use the social media to reach the homebound.

     Use the social media to educate the educated.

     Use the social media for the betterment of the whole.

     When you see something touching or uplifting…when you see something that touches your heart…please, pass it on. Resend the messages that spread Light. Resend the messages that unite – not divide. Resend the messages that make a difference in a most positive way.

     We hold in our hands the device to uplift and link brothers to brothers across open waters and nations. Powerful devices when used in the right way.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     It’s so much easier to live a life of peaceful interactions. Simple…really simple…acts of kindness can and do have a far-reaching effect on the whole of society. Make a mental note of the energy you put out to the Universe. May you be blessed in your travels and social interactions of this gifted day.

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2 comments on “Social Media and the Heartbreak it can Cause
  1. So true, social media is a powerful tool whether used wisely or foolishly. I’ve seen enough examples of spreading good cheer to hopefully outweigh narrow-minded politics or hurtful situations. Everyone has problems, but I think most of us try to focus on happy times when posting (which I guess allows for a few handbags and restaurants). 🙂

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