Sit Watch Click: Child’s Play

Sit Watch Click: Child’s Play

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Sit Watch Click: Child’s Play

     When was the last time you let your children play? Not with video games or computerized communications. When was the last time you witnessed true child’s play? Dirty hands and feet caked in mud. Sloppily washing pretend dishes. Building a city of sandcastles. Jumping rope. Absence of thirty-minute increments.

     When was the last time you let yourself play?

     Hum…I understand. I see where your children learned to sit, watch, and click. Watch a screen varying in size and function. Click on the keyboard, cellphone, remote, or controller.

     Shame on you for letting your children go without. Without fresh air filling their lungs. Without dancing, jumping, and laughing outdoors. Without the pleasure of Earth Mother under their feet.

     Dear friend, how can you teach what you’ve forgotten? Reacquaint yourself with child’s play. Then take your children to the great outdoors. Teach them deep breathes. Teach them to take off their shoes and run along a rocky beach. Teach them respect. Respect for clean air and a place to play. Respect for absence of time.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Take off your shoes or put on boots! Run through the grass or snowy fields. Play. Leave behind the cell phone and video game. Show your children real child’s play! Please share your story or words of encouragement below.

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