Similar yet Different: Spiritual Growth

Similar yet Different: Spiritual Growth

Lessons Learned

Similar yet Different

     Similar we are yet so different. Individuals maneuvering challenges. Intermittently intersecting paths. Tending life’s verses. Spiritual growth at hand.

     Perception is the key to growth. Growth through example. Growth through grit. Growth as a Spiritual Being is tough. No life manual. Reflection. Discernment. Integration.

     Matters not the lessons presented. Matters solely progression. Give gratitude for life lessons learned. Inhale deeply after each interlude.

     Patience for yourself and others. Similar we are yet so different. Anger, fear, and intolerance are dismantled with intentions compassionately driven.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Have you had an “ah-ha” moment when you shifted your intentions from fear to compassion? Please share your experience or words of encouragement below.

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