Service to Humanity

Service to Humanity

United through Love of God

Service to Humanity

     Perplexed you seem with weighted situations. Dilemma for the intersecting crosswalks of life. When the opportunity arises to pick a direction…choose that of a higher call.

     Service to humanity.

     Service of kinship, compassion, offering of time. Reaching out. Lifting up suffering souls. Kind words spoken. Generous tokens. Spreading yourself beyond your four walls.

     You walk this path not alone, but with brothers and sisters of all nations and religions. United through tough times and a love of God.

     Expand your path through prayerful interaction. Across land and waters. Reach out in prayer to other nations.

     The positive interactions of intentions lifts the vibration for all.

     Be a service to humanity. Offer of yourself beyond your four walls.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Acts of kindness are contagious. Gift of yourself. Be a service to humanity. Please share your comments in the space below.

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