Release Your Fears and Set Yourself Free

Release Your Fears and Set Yourself Free

Vivid Colors for All the World to See

Release Your Fears and Set Yourself Free

     You stand invisible against the papered wall. Dusty-yellowed hues like that of a vintage movie. Quietly watching a world full of people. Wishing to be heard…but afraid to be noticed.

     It is a lonely place to be. A patterned backdrop in society. You were meant to be more.

     More does not entail vulgarity or aggressive behavior. More does not entail narcissistic demands on others. More entails being yourself. Whatever the definition of you that is. Step into yourself. Boldly hued colors adorn your essence. You are light and sound in harmony with the planet. Not the backdrop to someone else’s podium.

     It is a disservice to all of humanity to hide behind dusty-yellowed hues. For you are a gift. Kind and compassionate. Sensible and forgiving. A lover of all of God’s creations. You are uniquely you.

     Shine your vivid colors for all the world to see. Worry not for those too blind with themselves to notice. The rest of the world will benefit when you step forward.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     My dear friend, you are not the backdrop to anyone else’s life. You were gifted life for a reason. Be confident in yourself. The Light you carry will shine for all to see. Does this passage ring true to you? Or, have you overcome feelings of unworthiness?  Please leave words of encouragement or share your story in the space below.

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