Refuge in God’s Blessings

Refuge in God’s Blessings

Cowardly Chatter

Refuge in God’s Blessings

     I know you’re heartbroken. Please remember…people that lack character and courage to self-reflect are those that seem to have the most to say.

     The clusters of individuals contributing to the cowardly act of gossip are as guilty as the ones initiating the “chatter”. Their guise of bold and arrogant courage is merely a facade as they spinelessly chirp from the cloak of anonymity. If there’s no one to listen…the chatter will stop.

     Remove yourself from the spotlight. Take refuge in the blessings God has provided. Turn off the volume from idol minds and ignorance. Feel God’s Love embrace you during your lonely moments.

     You know the truth. Stay strong and balanced.

     Family and friends that truly care will remain close at heart and silent.

Sharon Lee CassanoLochman

     Idle chatter and gossip hurts the soul. Stand tall. Do not participate. Please share your story or words of encouragement below.

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