Raging Anger: Fear Manifested

Raging Anger: Fear Manifested

Protect Yourself and Your Heart

Raging Anger: Fear Manifested

     There is something I have come to learn. Fear can manifest as raging anger. Reckless actions crushing innocents of passive behavior. When fear takes hold it runs the show. Strength within required to recognize the difference…a life of peace or life strained and alone.

     Recognize with compassion their fear realized. Fear of abandonment. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of discovery. Fear of insignificance in the Universe. Fear of simply the unknown. Unknown beliefs, habits, or origins of another soul.

     But let not the darkness of their rage and ignorance fall upon you. Protect yourself and your heart. Tolerate nothing that damages your person or soul.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Have you overcome a fearful situation or the anger of another? Please share your story or words of encouragement below.

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  1. Fear can be debilitating- and destructive of relationships.

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