Prosperity of Power: Richness of Heart

Prosperity of Power: Richness of Heart

A Life of Simple Existence

Prosperity of Power: Richness of Heart

     Wealth is accessible in many forms. Many are consumed with treasures of the dollar. Others with the prosperity of power. Political and corporate sovereigns gorge themselves on the power of the dollar. My friend, wealth need not be tangible. The true gem of existence is the richness of heart.

     True wealth is a day spent in prayer. Offering gratitude for blessings of simplicity and peace. True wealth is witnessing a sunrise or putting a sunset to sleep. True wealth is having enough to share. Sharing of oneself. When possible, sharing a dollar. True wealth is the treasure carried within. Knowledge of God’s Love. True wealth is the richness of heart.

     My dear friend, I wish for you a life full of compassion. A life spent living each moment. A life in service to humanity and Earth Mother. A life simple and peaceful. I wish for you the richness of heart.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Feel the power of sharing. Feel the wealth of God’s Blessings. Bring forth to yourself the power of God’s Love. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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