Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

Lighting a Path for All to See

Power of Prayer

     Let me pray with you. Let the tears run free. Let me embrace you across the sea. We are here together. Friends a world apart. Supporting. Guiding. Lifting. Lighting the way through the dark.

     Join with me in prayerful union. For together we can do anything. Limit not our intentions selfishly. Include in dialogue those suffering. Peace to their hearts. Peace to their souls. May circumstances provide miracles so they know they are not alone.

     Let me pray with you. Let the tears run free. Together join hands across the sea. Brothers and sisters united unselfishly in God’s Light. Supporting. Guiding. Lifting.

     Lighting a path for all to see.

     Let me pray with you.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     You are not alone. Open you heart to God’s Love. Join your prayers with another. United in hearts. United in faith. Matters not the religion or nation. Brothers and sisters, united in prayer. Please share words of encouragement in the space below.

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