Politicians: False Voices of Empty Promises

Politicians: False Voices of Empty Promises

Intensity of God’s Light

Politicians: False Voices of Empty Promises

     Politicians. False voices echoing across expanses. Promises void intention. Politicians, the less attention given…the better. Waste not on the rich-of-self. For within their golden fortress resides emptiness.

     Take charge of your energy. Let not the state-of-the-nation address your spiritual place. Campaign for the starving and homeless. Campaign for families that go without. Campaign for a unity of souls. Allow your voice to be heard through your prayerful songs. Sing for humanity. Sing for all nations. Sing prayers for the planet.

     You hold the power of God’s Light. Shine through the deluge of negatives that surround the planet. Your Light will shine brighter when combined with mine. Together we can make a difference.

     Shine brighter. Pray with intensity and compassion. Live in harmony with your brethren and the planet. There will always be self-crowned kings in places of power. The less attention given…the better.


Sharon CassanoLochman

     What can you do in this moment of time to shine brighter? Offer actions of generosity throughout your day. Give to others with gratitude for all your blessings. Live compassionately and in harmony with the planet. Change your focus from politics to your spiritual stance. Your actions do make a difference. The world will be a better place when you allow your Light to shine. Please share your thoughts in the space below.

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