Pink Leopard Sunrise: Give Gratitude

Pink Leopard Sunrise: Give Gratitude

Witness God’s Blessings

Pink Leopard Sunrise

     Sarcastically speaking you are of late. Fed up. Stretched out. Angry at the Creator for gifting you life. My friend, too much time wasted wallowing in your own debris. The garbage strewn about is of your own demise.

     Blessed are you to wake this day. Blessed with movement of feet. Step over the anger. Leave behind bad memories. Breathe in new life. Breathe in God’s Light.

     Face forward. Feet planted firmly on Earth Mother. Witness God’s Blessings. Uneasy feelings will pass with time. Carry your heart and intentions outside. Wake early. Give gratitude for a pink leopard sunrise. Give gratitude for self-reflection. Give gratitude for change.

     Wake up. See the Light!

Sharon CassanoLochman

     So easy it is to trip over our own debris. Life in an uproar. A true mess of things. Let go of the bandage of anger that covers the hurts. Heal in God’s Light, fresh air, and Truth. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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