Personal Connections: Freehand Goodbye

Personal Connections: Freehand Goodbye

Boycott Artificial Sunrises

Personal Connections: Freehand Goodbye

     What’s happened to this society of ours? Mechanical devices limiting personal connections. Misunderstood messaging. Typing and tapping. Vanished are facial expressions. Happy faces sent with single-digit intentions. Experiencing nature through mixed media.

     Preference should be to simply look up. Boycott the artificial sunrise. Wake early. Take within the fresh out-of-doors.  Constantly changing are the visual effects. Those in nature and that of a friend.

     Look not to a screen or hold a phone to your ear. Make time for a personal visit. Speak your intentions. Deposit to memory a genuine smile.  Share soothing recollections of the gifted new day. Bond with the emotions of heart-felt recollections.

     When time for departure calls. Opt out from toots, beeps, and chimes. Try an old-fashioned freehand wave goodbye.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Do you have a special memory of a visit with a friend? Share your story, comments, or words of encouragement below.

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