Peaceful Existence: Child of God

Peaceful Existence: Child of God

Amazingly Beautiful

 Peaceful Existence

     You balance atop an incline of emotions. Sliding into rage one moment. Clinging to sadness the next. The sensitivities you feed fester and snowball. Gathering momentum. Blocking the Light. You’re out of adjustment. Thoughts and considerations beyond rationality. Stop where you are. Open your eyes!

     Seek firm footing. Hold out your hands. Feel the warmth and love of God’s Light. Embrace higher intentions by letting go of the ego’s snowballed existence. Stop feeding the festering of ugliness that blocks your Light. Child of God. It is so much easier to be you. Anger and rage devour your strength. Leaving behind a body frail and ill. Let it go. Give it to God.

     Under the blanket that’s covered your eyes rests the child of God. Happy. At peace. Ready to play. Let your tears flow for the love in your heart. Cry at heart-felt exchanges instead of rage. Slide into a peaceful existence instead of fighting within your head.

     It is so much easier to be you. Child of God. Amazingly gracious. Amazingly beautiful. Come, let me introduce you to you.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     It is so easy to get caught up in the ego’s snowball of emotions. Let go of your hurts and injustices. Lift the blanket from your eyes. Reveal the true you. Live a peaceful existence in God’s Light. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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