Patience Required: Linking of Hearts

Patience Required: Linking of Hearts

Prayerful Reflection

Patience Required: Linking of Hearts

     It’s all coming together. This path. The talk. The walk. Lessons slowly seeping like a drain gently unplugged. Patience required. It will all have meaning. Look for the unity of like-mindedness. Linking of hearts through prayer.

     This planet has potential. Its people. Its destiny. Hold tight to ideals. Goodness of souls. Power of prayer.

     When the closure of your day nears, drop to your knees. Offer gratitude. Visualize your blessings. Visualize this planet. Earth mother healthy. Unity of hearts through laughter, good deeds, and prayerful interactions.

     Belief in as much as a mustard seed. Belief. Prayer. Hope. Trust…God.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Prayerful reflection throughout the day is a positive way to keep to the path. The path of highest and greatest good for all…not just oneself. Reflect on your blessings. Reflect on the positive. Release the negative. We walk together separate but united. Join with me today in prayer for all souls…known, loved, and unknowns. Please share positive affirmations in the space below.

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