Path to God

Path to God

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Path to God

     Tenderly gifted you are with verse. Lighting the path to God’s love and hope. Helping wayward souls find their way home. Home to God.

     Blessings to you for efforts exerted. Alone with thought. Alone with words. But…alone you are not. For the passing of messages links you to the lives touched. Lifting, carrying, prodding, encouraging. Need for recognition need not be given. For within your gift is the tightly wound connection to God.

     Unifier of hearts. Unifier of religions. Unifier of peoples. Speakers, teachers, writers, and preachers. Blessings to you for efforts exerted.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Has your heart been lifted by words gifted from another? A preacher? Teacher? Speaker? Writer? Offer gratitude in the form of prayer. Please share your story in the space below.

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