Passing of a Loved One: Forever Missed

Passing of a Loved One: Forever Missed

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Passing of a Loved One: Forever Missed

      It is a place I try to avoid. Remembering the last moments of a life so vividly worn. Laughter and love freely gifted. Taken too soon. Taken without warning.

     The visual I fight of the last days clearly numbered. The pain of death written and worn. The body failed as the spirit sought freedom to soar. Childhood memories laced with peace for a journey’s ending.

     The fight disappeared as the body dissolved. Muffled whispers surged like waves on the beach. A soon empty house overflowing. Quiet sobbing layered with patronizing well wishes. A squeeze of the hand. Too tired to fight. Too tired to sing.

     Then peace.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     In memory of my dear friend, Mary Jane Lane. May she forever reign queen over laughter in God’s Heavenly home.

     The passing of a loved one…never welcomed or rejoiced. Forever a gap. Forever missed are the laughs, hugs, and tender tones. Is there a gap in your heart from the loss of a loved one? Please share your story in the space below.

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