Passage of Time: Holiday Sorrows

Passage of Time: Holiday Sorrows

Lift up your Spirits

Passage of Time: Holiday Sorrows

     You hold in your hand the remnants of a clay holiday pot. Childhood memories lay shattered and scattered about. You gather the pieces, but missing is the innocence and purity of youth. How did this happen? When?

     My friend, you are trying to put back together something that no longer exists. The passage of time demands the now.

     When caught in holiday sorrows…reach out. Call a friend. Call a relative. Volunteer at a shelter. Get out of the house. Do something for someone less fortunate. Keep company with the bell ringer on the corner.

     Blessings to you on this holiday season. Prayers I will send to lift up your spirits.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     The holiday season is a source of great joy for many and a source of sorrow for others. Reach out beyond your comfort zone and offer a smile, meal, conversation, or telephone call to that relative, friend, or neighbor in need of a new holiday memory. Brothers and sisters, we walk this journey as one.

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