Overcome Uncertainty and Dead-Ended Decisions

Overcome Uncertainty and Dead-Ended Decisions

God’s Gentle Direction

Overcome Uncertainty and Dead-Ended Decisions

     I watch helplessly from the sidelines of your life. A passage riddled with caverns of your own devise. Paths abandoned. Talents forsaken. Circling through the fog of unsettledness.

     If only you could see. Just ahead. Beyond the steepness. A path of beauty. Surrounded in serenity.

     I see clearly what your mind blocks out. There…just ahead, dear one. Peace in God’s Graces. Not my place to push or direct your learning. You must travel at your own pace.

     Reminder, I will give. Trust in yourself. Follow the path forward. Listen for direction in the wind. Gentle nudges most lovingly given.

     Climb out from the cavern. Rush to the ridge. Look! See what is just beyond. It is within reach. Serenity.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     It is difficult to watch a loved one trip along life’s path. Unsteady on their feet. Better choices you wish they would make. Be patient. Offer guidance through example. Gift words of wisdom when requested…and pray.

     Please share your story in the space below. Set your words to the wind. May they be the gentle nudges most loving gifted.

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