Overcome Self-Limiting Thoughts

Overcome Self-Limiting Thoughts

Darkness does not exist in Light

 Overcome Self-Limiting Thoughts

     Day seventeen. We’re more than halfway. Forty times chanting the list of positive personal traits. Forty times daily, yet old habits linger…the ego erupts with a critical cry. Critical is the eye aimed within. Slingshot ricocheting memories.

     Sometimes forward momentum requires lifting the spirits of another. Attention directed up the spiritual ladder and away from the critical eye. Take the opportunity today to place emphasis on good deeds. Matters not the magnitude. Do something today in someone else’s direction. You’ll feel better.

     When negative feelings again erupt. Shine brightly, my friend. For darkness cannot exist in Light.

     One deed today benefiting another. What word describes the action taken? Add word seventeen. Again forty times in front of the mirror. Gaze into your eyes, the path to your soul. Remember your connection to God, my beautiful friend.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Start at the beginning or jump in today. A thirty-one-day challenge we’ve established to change the way we think about ourselves. Link hearts with the last in line. For we are connected through God’s Breath.

     Describe in one word the Light you shared today? Please share your word in the space below. I’ll share mine. Encouraging.

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